15 minutes for the university president in Shura Council



South Valley University started discussions of education commission in Shura Council for raising salaries of academic staff and Shura Council in its session was declared on real indications to solve problem, while the session was finished by urgent call to the minister of finance and prime minister, after the university president’s defense about academic staff by explaining the problem sincerely and realistic.

The Discussions were started with a speech by Dr. Mohamed Talat Khashba who explained the suffering of academic staff at the university, pointing out the university locates in remote areas and need a lot of aids , while he explained the demands academic staff of the university who agreed with him all the universities of Egypt.

After that Dr. Mohammed Al-Nashar, the Minister of Higher Education for talked about the demands of academic staff in Egyptian universities, stressing that he suffered a lot because he is a staff member like them, he also talked about the universities law and selection of leaderships of universities as well as the universities development where confirming that the universities need to large possibilities to provide places for students , while he stressed on improvement the positions of academic staff and the scientific research , pointing out allocated 1.3 milliard pound for salaries and 850 thousands pound for Quality Incentive

On other hand, Mohamed Abd Al Tawab, majority leader in Shura council explained the suffering of academic staff and suggested identifying an urgent meeting attended by the Minister of Finance because it is the one who will provide the funds necessary to raise the professor’s salaries as well as presence of prime minister and representatives of academic staff clubs at the level of the Republic

While Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president explained the suffering of academic staff at the university in 15 minutes during his speech, he also transferring the message of academic staff as well as concerned with their families, he also refused the accusations to academic staff in the council whatever in the university or the other universities

Then Dr. Saad Al-Sharkawi, head of the academic staff at south valley university transferred a short message from academic staff “unless they did not respond to their legitimate demands, academic staff adheres to strike”

At the end of session, all agreed to stop the discussion of the crisis strike of university professors until calling the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance for an emergency session to discuss raising the salaries of academic staff in the universities