Medical Convoys (Human and veterinary) to Qena Villages



Environmental Week Program was implemented in Southern governorates (Qena ,Luxor ,Aswan ,Red Sea) under the auspices of minister of Higher Education Prof. Dr. Hussein Khaled and governor of Qena Major General Adel Labib ,president of the university Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour and vice president for postgraduate affairs Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Khodary. The first day of the Environmental Week involved opening the Conference Hall and Exhibition of special units, starting blood donation campaign, Reforestation Camp and Public Service and visiting Waste Recycling Factory at the university. The second day involved holding a symposium on environmental indicators for monitoring chemical contaminants, starting Reforestation Camp at the university, blood donation campaign in Aswan and Medical convoys (Human and veterinary) in Qena villages. The third day involved many activities participated by Faculty of Fine Arts and Tourism & Hotel. The Environmental Week was among a series of successful and distinguished activities of the University at the universities level as Speed-Ball Festival at Hurghada , Book Fair and Environmental Studies Conference at the university where Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour confirmed that the essential aim of the university was the student through activities and participation in it pointing out that these efforts of all administrations for the success of these activities which were implemented in a difficult period experienced by the country. Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Khodary confirmed that Main goal of the Environmental Week program was serving the student and the local community.