South Valley University organizes: Symposium on Foot-and-mouth disease in Egypt



South Valley University organizes Symposium on Foot-and-mouth disease in Abu Diab Village at Deshna in Qena where the lecture was given by Dr. Jehan Ragab, professor of Food hygiene and Dr. Abd Al-Naser Mohammed, head of Surgery Department, faculty of veterinary medicine, Qena.

Dr. Jehan Rajab pointed in her speech the characteristics of infected meat that resulted from keeping this meat with quantities of blood and confirmed that Foot-and-mouth disease die either by boiling or during the process of digestion through the natural acids that secreted by the body, in general it is best to boil the meat and dairy in order to kill the virus.

On other hand, Dr. Abd Al-Naser Mohammed explained methods of spread Foot-and-mouth disease, as well as methods of deal and treatment of infected animals.

The symposium was on sidelines of veterinary medicine convoys that organized by south valley university in the light of 4th Environmental Week which held in the period of 10-15 march,2012 in Qena, Aswan, Luxor and Red Sea under auspices of Dr. Hussein Mustafa ,Minister of Higher Education , Major General Adel Labib ,Qena Governor ,Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour ,the university president and Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Khodary ,vice-president ,while this convoy included academic staff of veterinary medicine and number of students ,where was treatment of 294 veterinary cases, 267 internal medicine cases ,3 surgery cases and 24 Obstetrics cases.