Heart Valves Transplantation at University Hospital



A Medical success and new achievement at the University Hospital, after successful of medical team of Cardiothoracic Surgery in conducting three operations which considering one of the difficult operations in Upper Egypt, But the medical team succeeded in Heart Valves Transplantation under supervision of Prof. Dr. Patrick Ruchat, professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery, University of Lausanne, Switzerland as well as seven operations included coronary artery operations ,while these operations were conducted free of charge to patients and treatment at the expense of the state

It’s mentioned that the specialized medical team which consists of Prof. Dr. Karam Moslem, head of Cardiothoracic Surgery and chest department by assisting both of Dr. Mohammed Abd Al-Bary, Dr. Ahmed Farghaly and Dr. Ahmed Sayed and Anesthesia team consists of Prof. Dr. Salah Aseda , head of Anesthesia department , faculty of medicine ,Qena and Dr. Sayed Qauod ,professor of Anesthesia ,faculty of medicine ,Assuit ,Dr. Hatem Medhat ,Dr. Ahmed Fathy and Dr. Amr Zaraor ,Anesthesia department, Qena as well as Dr. Ayman Badawy ,Assuit ,on other side the Switzerland expert
praised this team and high equipment and professionalism in Cardiothoracic department at the university hospital , and Prof. Dr. Karam Moslem confirmed that all cases succeeded and came out of intense care despite of difficult of these operations which conducting for first time in upper Egypt ,pointing out to experience of Dr. Patrick Ruchat in addition all new during his visit to the hospital , beside to this team conducts open-heart operations monthly successfully
Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president during his visit to the hospital thanked all employees at the hospital to medical service that provides for citizens and praised the medical efficiency of all departments at the hospital, as well as he pointed that this successful in Cardiothoracic department via conducting these operations is added to achievements which is witnessed by this great medical edifice.