Rapturous Reception to the University President



Within the framework of celebration of Aswan People for the separation decision of the University branch in Aswan issued by the Supreme Council of Universities, they welcomed him for his great efforts and cooperation to achieve that dream where he expressed his admiration for that welcome. In a dialog with Tiba TV, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, President of the university, expressed his happiness for achieving Aswan dream praising the significant role played by all especially Aswan governor. He also confirmed that Egypt deserved unity and the Egyptians have been fully conscious expressing his happiness for the successful elections of parliament. As he a geologist, he talked about the Sukari Gold Mine confirming that mines consumed many resources known from days of Pharaohs and explained how to extract gold .About the issue of foreign-funded, he said that the civil society organizations has worked for the interests of the country and we has waited for adjudication.