1st International Conference on Environmental Studies at SVU




Gen. Adel Labib, Qena Governor confirmed that the garbage can recycle to generate energy, and the importance of this conference to set recommendations by attending number of researchers from Arab countries ,as well as setting new solutions for all environmental problems
He added that the next stage will witness a great cooperation between south valley university and Qena Governorate, in order to benefit from the university in achieving the development where pointed that Qena Governorate got 16 international award as a result interest in the Environment included ISO certification

He also added that there is not development without science and south valley university is the basis for development, this came in the opening of 1st International Conference on Environmental Studies which organized by south valley university from 26-28 February, 2012

Prof. Abbas Mansour, the university president confirmed that Qena Governorate one of cities that is environment-friendly and he praised its distinguished experiment in this field, confirming that the most important role of south valley university the cooperation with Qena Governorate in all fields and its most important the environmental cooperation via studies and researches, he also confirmed that the environment is one of the most important requirements to maintain the natural resources pointing to the importance of conference and taking advantage from researches by the participants ,then he thanked Arab universities union ,while confirmed that the university perform its role in activities continually, where the last activity was Championship Soccer Speed in Hurghada , which was as a propaganda for the Egyptian tourism

Dr. Mohammed Raafat Mahmoud, assistant secretary of Arab universities union in his speech thanked south valley university to host this international conference which came based on recommendation of workshop organized by Arab universities union pointing out that this conference holds in the same time with the same name in Sultan Qaboos University at Oman, while Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Khodary Meala, vice-president for postgraduate and head of conference confirmed that the conference discusses many of aspects such as environmental pollution, waste recycling , environmental engineering systems, , legislation of environment protection, funding environmental projects and the role of media in raising awareness of environmental problems .
It is worth mentioning that attended the conference about 95 participants who provide 76 researches in various fields of the environment