Selection of Ideal Student at SVU




South Valley University organizes under auspices of prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president the Ideal Student Competition at the level of university in the period of 26-29 February, 2012 and that through Social Activity Management at Public Administration of Youth Care, while Dr. Mohammed Tharwat Abd Al-Rahman, Vice-President of Student Affairs added that the competition hold in two phases, in the first phase, the applicants participate in competition and in the second phase it is selected students who fulfilled the requirements in the first phase in order to determine the ideal student through the following conditions:
Student should be
- Ideal student at level of his faculty
-Excellent in the study and participates in various student activity which organized by the university
-has effective contributions in community service programs and volunteer work
- Fluent in communication with many foreign culture
-has good communication skills
The arbitration committee consists of the university professors as well as officials of social activity at the university