Opening Radio & TV Studio at Media Department




Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the president of South Valley University opened Radio & TV Studio at Media Department, Faculty of Arts, which held by the university within the framework of Protocol of Cooperation with Network of Internews-Egypt
Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president confirmed that studio is a cultural shift in the Media work at south valley university, while he focused on necessary to develop the bylaws and study courses which commensurate with available possibilities, in addition to define the dimensions of the technical work to the university students in studio, at the end he thanked Network of Internews-Egypt to provide the university with this studio.

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Tharwat Abd Al- Rahman, vice-president for student affairs and education confirmed that this studio is necessary to the practical training of students, while the university was worked in the last years to achieve this aim.
Mr. Ahmed lotfy, Manager of Network of Internews-Egypt confirmed that this studio provides the practical training which Integrates with workshops and exercises that implemented by Internews Network, where 3000 students of Egyptian universities have benefited from these exercises, including 550 students from south valley university, as well as selecting the best participators in workshops to prepare them for training task.
Dr. Qurshy Abbas Dandrawy, Dean of faculty of arts pointed that this studio is the beginning of establishing Radio &TV channel for South Valley University to provide the opportunity for talented student in the media field, and Dr. Abd Al-Azez Al-Sayed, Head of Media Department, Faculty of Arts added that this studio is an important step in development of student skills in the Media work as well as serving educational process within the university through recording the study courses.