For continuing his tours: the university president visits Communication and Information Center at the University




Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour , the university president visited Information Center at the university and accompanied him Mr. Ahmed Hefny, General Secretary of the university for continuing his several tours in all sectors of the university which began in Aswan campus.

He also visited Management Information System unit, web unit and Network unit, while he asked about the current situation of Information Systems Project and the preparations that have been implemented for control January 2012.

He expressed his satisfaction with employees' activity and their efforts in Management Information System, while he confirmed that it is a serious work system and including the academic staff, employees at administrations of the faculties, engineers of information center and high administration at the university ,in order to create integrated databases in all various administration easier to get reports and updated Statistics ,on other hand he confirmed on the need to provide technical support to faculties and concerned administrations for systems to facilitate the functions assigned to them .

After that, he inspected the University Information Network and the efficiency of devices through a full explanation by the network engineers and control unit, and he recommended to take the necessary procedures for safety of network devices, as well as continuous monitoring of control devices and servers within 24 hours in order to reach the highest efficiency for providing services to all users, he also visited the web unit and its updates.

The university president demanded all employees at the information center to achieve the highest level in the work, where he confirmed that the information system is a workhorse at the university.

At the end he thanked all employees in it where they expressed their happiness for his visiting, after the university honored on 9 January at the level of the Egyptian universities in management information system.