Workshop on: Application of the salary system at the Faculties and Administrations of the University




Workshop was held at Management Information System on 16/1/2012 based on instructions of the University President to regulate all data on Al-Farouk System that related to academic staff and employees, as well as applying and extracting the salary by attending Mr. Ahmed Hefny Amin, General- Secretary of the university, Mr. Abu Al-Hassan Mohammed Abd Al-Kader, Manager of Central Accounts and Azza Mohammed Mahmoud Abu Al-Hamd, Manager of employees affairs.
The workshop resulted of unifying the method of the work on Al-Farouk System, while General-Secretary of the university demanded to generalize these in all administrations; moreover he specified all required functions and assigned the officials to implement it, in order to enable all faculties to print the salary on Al-Farouk System.