The university president in dialogue with Tiba channel




Yesterday, Tiba channel has conducted a dialogue with the university president about The University’s preparation for the first semester exams, and during the meeting he confirmed that the university completed it’s preparations of the first semester exams which begin on 9 January, where he pointed that the number of students who will perform the exams are 36000 students at the faculties of the university in Qena, Aswan, Luxor and Red Sea.
He pointed that the university was equipped the halls and put signboards for commissions ,as he also mentioned that the university cared to people with special need and patients by providing medical services and ambulances while he confirmed on attendance of academic staff as well as prevent vacations during exams.

He said that the university succeeded in practicing student activities continually, while he pointed to the university's successful in 7th Arab Tournament by participated Egyptian universities and Arab in it , on other hand our it is only university which succeeded in practicing student activities by participated a large number of youth in these conditions of country, as well as the university succeeded in holding the book fair and hosted more than (17) Publishing house which targeted students in schools and university in addition to academic staff.
For the scientific research, he confirmed on the university’s attention to it and already more than scientific team from European universities have visited the university as well as the university cooperated with more than European University and Arab.
For the independence of Aswan campus, the university president confirmed that the university presented a vision for it in the meeting which held by Gen. Mustafa al-Sayed, Aswan governor, popular leaderships, partial, executive and media leaderships in Aswan and until now we move forward successfully in all the procedures.
For the university hospitals, he confirmed that Qena governor opened the emergency unit which serves Qena citizens especially the difficult cases that not available in public hospitals and that in the light of cooperation between us and the government hospitals to set the health map in Qena as well as the service which the university hospital presents to citizens.
He also declared that in the beginning of New Year will be established a global emergency unit in cooperation with The Egyptian Medical Society in Germany and that only at the level of the Republic which will held in the university campus where will serve tourism sector in the red sea ,Luxor ,Aswan and all upper Egypt .