Symposium on: The Prophet's Migration (Hijra) and the current events for students in Dormitories at Kanouz




It was held a symposium in the University Dormitories for students in Kanouz entitled “The Prophet's Migration (Hijra) and the current events” where skiekh/ Yousif Mohammed Ali, Imam and preacher of the university’s mosque delivered the lecture, while he drew attention to learned lessons of the Prophet's Migration “peace be upon him” and how to apply it in the current time. So he mentioned that the prophet “peace be upon him” is not only prophet but also First-class political and the best in winning of the political battles in the history, also when he chose Al-Medina as a suitable place for Missionary activity (Dawa) He confirmed on the honesty and Fulfillment, as well as seeking of help from polytheist if he has characteristics of honesty and expertise as the prophet “peace be upon him” did it with “Abdullah ibn Erikt”, and at the end the victory is for the right only