The council of South Valley University




Exempting students of ( Halaib and Shalatin) and Abu Ramad at Faculty of Education ,Hurghada from tuition fees

-Increasing ‎university incentive for physicians and nurses at the University Hospital

The council of South Valley University at its meeting in Aswan headed by president of the university Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour and in the presence of governor of Aswan Gen. Mustafa Al-Sayed approved to:

-Exempt students of ( Halaib and Shalatin) and Abu Ramad at Faculty of Education ,Hurghada from accommodation and tuition fees in 2011 / 2012 .
-Increase ‎university incentive for residing physicians, assigned nurses , redeployed pharmacists and x-ray technicians at the University Hospital.

-Consider the proposed memorandum of understanding between University of New Mexico and the university and also that of it with University of Thi Qar and the cooperation agreement between the university and the British Council

-Nominate Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ibraheim, professor of Gastroenterology and Hepatology in Theodor Bilharz Research Institute for State Award of Appreciation in Medical Science in 2011.

-The project in solar cells presented by a group of Egyptian Universities including South Valley University in conjunction with European Universities through TEMPUS projects (The fifth session in 2012).

On the other hand, the council approved to:
- Appoint Dr. Rabea Abdu Ahmed at Faculty of Education, Qena and Dr. Yusuf Hassan Ahmed at Faculty of Science, Qena as” assistant professors”. Dr. Fatma Abd Al-Latif Mohammed at Faculty of Science, Qena, Dr. Abeer Abd Al-Rahim Ahmed at Faculty of Medicine, Qena,( Dr. Akram Mohammed Salah Al-Din and Dr. Mahmoud Mustafa Alaam at Faculty of Fine Arts, Luxor ) and Dr. Raouf Ahmed Mohammed Hassan at Faculty of Engineering ,Qena as lecturers.

- Grant the following:
• The title of assistant professor to Dr. Asharf Mahmoud Ahmed at Faculty of Education, Qena.
• Doctoral degree to Salem Barbary Ahmed at Faculty of Science, Qena.

• Master's degree to ( Eman Al-Amin Mahmoud,Zaineb Ahmed Taha ,Basem Sabry Mohammed , Mohammed Ahmed Abd Al-Rahman, Hala Ahmed Abd Al-Satar and Mohammed Al-Sayed Ahmed at Faculty of Education ,Qena),( Ateto Abd Alaty and Ashraf Khalaf Abd Al-Ghany at Faculty of Science, Qena), Emad Rashedy Abady at Faculty of Education ,Hurghada, Nahed Nasr Ali at Faculty of Science,Aswan, Osama Hamdy Mohammed at Faculty of Energy Engineering , Aswan and Mahmoud Gaber Abdulah at Faculty of Arts ,Qena.
• Diploma in public and private law to (179) student at Faculty of Law