Approval on establishment Funds in Aswan Campus




The university president approved on establishing many of the special funds at Aswan campus, after his meeting with the employees at Aswan campus in the last month and that In the light of procedures that related to independence of Aswan Campus.
As well as completing the procedures of opening the Faculty of Nursing after his meeting with delegation of Aga Khan University and Om Habiba Institution on 25/12/2011, while he confirmed that general Mustafa al-Sayed does all his efforts to independent Aswan campus and the great cooperation between the government and the university.
He pointed to the attendance of General Mustafa Al-Sayed the university council , which led to good relation among the university, academic staff , Aswan campus and the governor as well as thanking him on his efforts in independence of the new faculties included faculties of tourism and hotels, languages , nursing and Karkar hospital.