Organizing Materials Science Conference at South Valley University



The workshop on Nanotechnology and its applications held at South Valley University under the auspices of president of the university Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, dean of Faculty of Science Prof. Dr. Sayed Omar Al-Khatib and chairman of Egyptian Materials Research Society Prof. Dr. Mohammed Al-Okr recommended several recommendations including establishment of a branch of Egyptian Materials Research Society at South Valley University represented in Faculty of Science, Qena.
Dr. Mahmoud Sayed Abd Al-Sadek declared that the most important recommendations was teaching of Nanotechnology to students of Faculty of Science to meet rapid developments in modern science and open new horizons for scientific cooperation between Egyptian Materials Research Society and South Valley University in Nanotechnology.
The workshop attended by academic staff from various faculties of the university and a number of students of the practical faculties recommended Research Projects and Scientific Publishing Center at Faculty of Science, Qena to organize a series of symposia in modern science regularly to achieve maximum benefit to students and young researchers and organize Materials Science Conference at the next year at South Valley University in cooperation with Egyptian Materials Research Society