Workshop on:“Tribalism in the parliamentary elections 2011”



Under auspices of Prof. Abbas Mansour, the president of South Valley University organized workshop entitled “the Media, Youth and Community Participation” for Citizenship Club at Media Department by cooperation with Internews Agency in the period of 20- 22 December. Dr. Ahmed Zaki, the training official in Agency praised the attendance of students of Media Department and that indicated on Media Awareness of students at SVU, As well as praised the cooperation of SVU and Internews Agency, in order to serve Media and train students on Media Skills. Dr. Abd Al-Azez Al-Sayed, Head of Media Department, and Faculty of Arts confirmed that the constructions of Studio of Radio were completed which it was granted from Agency to Media Department, as well as pointed that the period of workshop is three days, while it was held meeting for dialogic discussions , in order to know the issues that students will discuss in media and serving the community issues, therefore it was chosen the issue of Tribalism in the parliamentary elections 2011, as well as discussed preparation basics of Media Products ,such as Investigations ,Dialogues and Media Discussions In the last day it will discuss issues that prepared by students to assess it in order to achieve the integration between the practical side and theoretical sides for Media Students