Injuring 8 students in accident:
The university president issued decree by transferring them to the university hospital



Yesterday on 16/12/2011 , 8 students injured in microbus outside south valley university , which resulted wounded 6 females and 2 males, therefore the students transferred immediately to General Hospital where in the same time the university president went to the general hospital to follow their cases, so issued decree by equipping ambulances to transfer students to the university hospital with accompanying Dr. Yasser Maghraby, Manager of Student Hospital at the University.

At the University Hospital, immediately the state of emergency lifted at surgery department to treat a female student suffered from serious injuries in the spleen, which led to liver problems, as well as three students wounded of different fractures and other cases of fractures in the teeth .
The university president expressed his sadness for incident and confirmed that the students throw great care at the university hospital, where he was accompanied students since transferring them to the General Hospital, as well as he thanked the Undersecretary of Health Ministry in Qena for monitoring the students and his presence with them for a moment by moment.
For students’ cases, he said that their cases are stable and we wish them a speedy recovery.