A Dialogue with the Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery Department at the University Hospital Prof. Dr. Karam Mosalam.



Prof. Dr. Karam Mosalam, Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery Department at the University Hospital :
Providing Open Heart Surgery Devices at the hospital.
Carrying out Heart, Arteries, Valves and Congenital Malformations Operations.
Coming the Swiss expert in the first week of January

The University Hospital became a great medical edifice in Upper Egypt in various specialties and does many efforts due to a university wise medical management and its efforts will be mentioned by generations as it provided a lot of services, high qualifications of professors in all rare specialties, the latest medical equipment at the level of world and nominal wage commensurates with citizen income of Qena. Today we will throw light on one of successful specialties that all newspaper and magazines wrote about.

Open Heart Surgery was a real dream for People of the South but achieved now by professors of South Valley University .

All devices are provided in these rare operations after using some devices from Sohag University Hospital.
In a dialogue with Prof. Dr. Karam Mosalam, Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery Department at the University Hospital and one of the first who carried out these operations.

To what extent did the Hospital Reach in Carrying out Operations?

Thanks be to God, We carried out Open Heart Operation with ourselves and manage to carry out all types of operations.

Were the necessary devices provided for this surgery?

Yes, all the necessary devices were provided as (Cardiac Diagnostic Device - Open Heart Machine).We have the highest level of devices lead us to do our best.

What is your opinion about the cooperation between (Ministry of Health Hospitals, The Military Hospital and University Hospitals)?

It’s an active cooperation will benefit the community.

How many Open Heart Operations were carried out by professors of the hospital?
(30) Operation and success rate was similar to the largest open-heart surgery centers.

What did the University Hospital present to people of the south?

It presented a lot as in Outpatient clinics and operating rooms where there is a qualified staff and it received the complicated cases from the Government Hospitals as there are specialized professors in Surgery and Internal Medicine.

Why did Prof. Dr. Patrick Ruchat select the hospital of South Valley University and Did he carry out operations in another University Hospital in Egypt?

He didn’t carry out any Open Heart Operation in any University Hospital in Egypt short of the hospital of South Valley University .He comes annually for the complicated operations according to the good relationship with me during my mission in Switzerland and my invitation to him to visit the university.

At the end, thanks be to God for the university success in all specialties and I invite people of Qena and other governorates to visit the great edifice and Gastroenterology and Herpetology Hospital with its Emergency Unit .