Within the university achievements:
Opening the central administration building soon



It is working now in the central administration building to open it soon after has equipped it on the highest level as well as doing all efforts to finish buildings of faculties of medicine and nursing in order to open them soon.
It is mentioned that the plan of constructions at the university began in 2006 which represented in completing the open stadiums and the indoor halls (A, B) of sport games and building of female dormitory (M, L) as well as completing the building of faculty of physical education, establishing tank capacity 500 m3 and completing the university ways in addition to building of veterinary medicine hospital, Qena .

In 2007, Many constructions were established which represented in classes of faculties of Commerce, Law, Archeology and Education and completing the university wall, in other hand it was constructed the open stadiums and in 2008, beginning establishing buildings of females dormitory (H), public service, outpatient clinics and equipping 10 housing units in Hurghada which finished in the same year, while in 2009, Establishing Open Education Center, as well as finishing Gastroenterology and Herpetology Hospital and females dormitory (H), In 2010 , Establishing Central Labs at the university , building of the University Hospital Services, classes , labs and libraries of Faculty of Arts , in addition to pave several streets at the university campus and expansions of the University Mosque .
Continues the process of new constructions at the university .