Opening the Second Book Fair at the university



Prof. Abbas Mansour, President of the University ,and Gen. Adel Labib,Governor of Qena ,opened the second book fair in the presence of the university vices presidents ,deans ,faculty staff and students that will run until the 5th of December under his auspices and supervision of Vice president for Community Service and Environment Development Prof. Mahmoud Khodary with the participation of (13) publishing house with a valuable collection of books in various sciences and cultures.
Gen. Adel Labib, Governor of Qena, affirmed the role of the university in Upper Egypt especially in Qena community service in various fields until it competed Arab, African and Egyptian Universities strongly pointing out the fruitful cooperation between the governorate and university as two essential elements in the governorate development, praised the notable efforts of Prof. Abbas Mansour in the university development through its great services emphasizing that the current period of Egypt needs concerted efforts to advance the development and expressed his admiration for the great exhibition of the University included valuable books.
Prof. Abbas Mansour expressed his pleasure for opening the exhibition for the second year after achieving unprecedented success in the last year referring to the distinct discounts and assured his great interest on this exhibition and providing all possibilities to organize it especially it served all the people of Qena that was the role of the university in the external community development pointing out that the university offered its services in various areas.
Prof. Mahmoud Khodary assured that opening the exhibition for the second year was a great success especially after the great appeal in the previous year praised by all pointing out that the exhibition was open for all sectors of society, students and intellectuals in Qena affirming the university keenness to organize this exhibition yearly.