Next Tuesday is the University Presidential Election



The electoral college of the university presidential candidates concluded its work with holding symposia for the six candidates (Prof .Dr. Abd Alfattah Hashem , Former Vice President for Graduate Affairs – Prof. Badawy Ismail ,professor of Restoration at Faculty of Archeology – Prof. Abass Mohammed Mansour, Former President of the university – Prof. Abd Alhady Mohammed Ibraheim, Professor at Faculty of Science ,Qena – Prof. Sameh Rehan , Former Dean of Faculty of Education – Prof. Mohammed Nour Al-Din Ismail, Vice Dean of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Qena). The electoral supervisory commission determined (2) hour for each candidate to present his electoral program including the former experiences and the future university vision then the commission discussed the candidate on his program and vision in the context of developing the governance , future strategic plan, scientific research ,training and community service. Prof. Abd Albasset Masoud, Head of the electoral supervisory commission, declared that the university presidential election will be on Tuesday 11/10/2011 at the university.