Establishing Program of Professional Postgraduate Diploma




 Under the presidency of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University council approved:
-Establishing Professional Postgraduate Diploma at Faculty of Commerce.
-Ratifying the administrative and financial regulation of E - Learning Center.
-Establishing Scientific Journal at Faculty of Archeology.
-Ratifying the administrative and financial regulation of Educational Activities and Sports Investment Center.
-Appointing as professors (Dr. Sayed Abu Aldahab at Faculty of Science and Dr. Hanaa Ahmed Mohammed at Faculty of Arts).
-Appointing as assistant professors (Dr. Abu Alwafa Abu Almaaref Mohammed at Faculty of Science, Dr. Mahmoud Mustafa at Faculty of Fine Arts and Dr. Abdel Rahim Abdullah at Faculty of Archeology.
-Granting doctoral degree to a large number of researchers.
-Granting Master's degree to 33 researchers.
-Granting Bachelor of Archeology to 91 students.
-Granting Bachelor of Specific Education to 308 students.