Holding a conference of World Organization for Animal Health



The council of South Valley University in its meeting headed by Prof. Mohammed Tharwat Abdel Rahman ,Vice President of Students Affairs and acting president of the university, decided to host the 16th conference of World Organization for Animal Health on February 2013.
The council agreed to appoint the following :
-Dr. Haroun Abdel Fattah Alsheikh as A professor , Faculty of Science ,Qena.
-Dr. Attef Saad Mohammed Mahmoud as an Assistant Professor ,Faculty of Archeology ,Qena.
-Dr. Ayman Mohammed Abdo Alnaby as an assistant Professor ,Faculty of Agriculture ,Qena .
-Dr. Mohammed Nour Al-Din Farid as an assistant professor ,Faculty of Agriculture ,Qena .
Also the council agreed to appoint Dr. Mosab Adle Al-Din Omer ,Faculty of Veterinary Medicine ,Qena , Dr. Hanan Zakaria Abdel Ghany Ismail ,Faculty of Education ,Aswan and Dr. Abdo Ramadan Ali Ahmed ,Faculty of Engineering ,Aswan as lecturers.

On the other hand ,the council agreed to grant:
- Doctorate Degree to Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Abbas, Faculty of Education ,Qena and Alsayed Abdel Moaty Ahmed ,Faculty of Science ,Qena.
- Master Degree to Mohammed Husein Ali Hemdan ,Ashraf Ali Gad Alkareem and Barakat Sedeek Abdo Almoteleb )faculty of Education,Qena,( Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Mohammed and Asmaa Farouk Abdel Hady Mohammed) Faculty of Science ,Qena,(Hesham Hossam Abdel Rady and Alshrief Mohammed Ahmed Hassan ) Faculty of Physical Education,Qena,(Gehan Mohammed Bakry Abdel Rahman )Faculty of Education,Aswan,(Hagagy Mohammed Ali Ahmed and Marwa Mohammed Abdel Wahab Mohammed )Faculty of Science ,Aswan .

- Analytical Chemistry Diploma to (10) student, Applied Chemistry Diploma for (4) student from Faculty of Science and General Diploma in Education for Samia Ghazy Abo Alftouh Osman ,Faculty of Education ,Aswan .

-The title of assistant professor to Nabil Ahmed Abdel Tawab, Faculty of Archeology, Qena.