An invitation to elect Dean of Faculty of Arts and representatives of the faculty for electoral votes of the university president




Supervisory Committee on elections at Qena faculty of arts invites all academic staff and assistants to participate in the selection process:

I: the Position of Dean:

1 Prof. Mohammed Abulfadl Badran

2- Prof. Mammdouh Abd Al-Rahman

3- Prof. Ahmed Hussein Khalil

4- Prof. Qurshi Abbas Dandrawy

5-Prof. Mohammed Al Sayed Abd Al-Hamid

6-Prof. Hamdi Bakhit Omran

II: Representatives the faculty for electoral votes to select the university president:

1-Prof. Ibrahim Dosoky Mohammed

2-Prof. Salah Selim Tayia

3- Prof. Ahraf Hkim Fares

4- Prof. Abd Al-Aziz Sayed Abd Al-Aziz

5- Prof. Al-Sayed Awad Ali

And that at 9 am on Saturday, 24/09/2011

Members of Supervisory Committee on elections:

1- Dr. Aly El-Din El-Kasaby

2- Dr. Thabet Mahmoud Hashem

3- Mostafa Al- Gezary

4- Mohammed Younes Mohammed