Management Information System (MIS) at South Valley University competes the Egyptian Universities




After achieving a noticeable success in the first stage:

Management Information System (MIS) at South Valley University competes the Egyptian Universities

Management information system center finished from implementing the first stage successfully at south valley university, which considered an important step in the project, where through it could collect users and beneficial of this system.

it was planned to aim at three administrations, academic staff affairs, student affairs, postgraduate and dormitories as a first stage, as well as aim at developing the administrative work inside the university's administrations instead of manual work in order to keep up with technology developments and compete Arab universities, Egyptian and international, All that due to the great effort of all those who worked on it.

Dr. Taha Amroun, Project Manager confirmed that all achievements and developments have been praised in the last period from the end of academic year 2009/2010, whatever in student affairs sector, where has been operated work systems as required to facilitate the work among sectors, both using data in exams system, controls and approved business for example ,alumni data ,preparing data of the new year ,matching numbers of students at the faculty with numbers on system ,updating register of student grades by controls members of the various class at the faculties of the university, revising courses , and exam tables.

As he added that the work not only on that but it was revised the basic data of all academic staff, that included the professional data ,family and financial, also revising data of researches ,courses and scientific researches, where updating it daily.

Furthermore, the activity has expanded to dormitories, where students submitted and resided in them via website which involved about 4000 students in all dormitories.

He also said that what has been implemented in postgraduate affairs, where it has been finished from entering all data of bylaws in all faculties, entering and revising basic data for student, data of registration , registering stages of study for student of Diploma ,Pre-Master ,Master and Doctorate as well as data of thesis , data of supervisors and judges.

Moreover, it has been prepared for exams of postgraduate successfully electronically, which included sit numbers, registering grades, granting degree and statements for announcing the results.

All that led to achieve the work quickly in all mentioned departments and awareness the university community by holding training courses, workshops, as well as providing individuals to increase numbers of judges in system such as employees and academic staff.
Also he added that the project management assess data periodically as well as users’ performance, reports for data quality and recommending the university administrations and faculties, which leading to increase numbers of users ,activate functions for system ,confirm on activating outcomes of system such as reports , Statistics and etc.