Holding the 1st Conference on the Role of Scientific Research in the Development and Promotion of Innovation




The council of South Valley University headed by Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, President of the university, approved to:

- Hold the 1st conference on the role of scientific research in the development and promotion of innovation in all areas of life in Aswan on March, 2012.

- Spend a reward is equal to 25 days of the basic salary for the academic staff and employees at the university and University Hospital on the occasion of the Prophet's birthday and also the excellence incentive for the participating academic staff in control works at the university faculties on January 2012.

- Consider the project presented by Egyptian Medical Society in Germany on the proposal to establish The Emergency & Trauma Center and Graphics and Design Unit at Faculty of Science, Aswan as a special unit.

- Modify the rules of the university scientific trips.

Also the council approved to grant:

- Ph.D. to Refai Shawky Ahmed Hussein at Faculty of Education, Qena, (Ghalab Hussein Mohammed Ahmed and Nadia Mustafa Bakry at Faculty of Arts ,Qena) and Walaa Gomaa Mohammed Ahmed at Faculty of Education,Aswan.

- Master's degree to (Saber Ibraheim Galal ALI,Mansour Abd Al-Hamid Omar Saleh ,Gehan Al- Soghayar Mustafa Mohammed ,Randa Hosny Mohammed Abd Al-Rahim at Faculty of Education, Qena), (Amr Attia Abu Al-Wafaa and Hala Al-Desoky Abd Al- Mawgoud at Faculty of Science ,Qena ),(Kenawy Mohammed Fawy Ahmed and Ashraf Hassan Ali Ismail at Faculty of Arts ,Qena),(Haitham Helmy Sayed Adam and Sahar Gamal Abd Al-Aziz at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine ,Qena ),Mustafa Ahmed Sayed Mustafa at Faculty of Science, Aswan,(Mustafa Ahmed Mohammed Mussa and Karar Mahmoud Badawy Mustafa at Faculty of Engineering ,Aswan ) and Hanafy Abd Al-Ghany Saleh Hamed at Faculty of Social Work ,Aswan .

- Diploma in Microbiology for (24) student and in Food Hygiene for (7) student at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Qena

On the other hand, the council approved to appoint:

- As assistant professors (Dr. Al-Sayed Mohammed Abu Al-Dahab and Dr. Mohammed Mahmoud Ali Salman at Faculty of Science ,Qena ) and (Dr. Wahid Al-Din Taher Abd Al-Aziz and Dr. Alaa Al-Din Bahi Al-Din Alaa Al-Din at Faculty of Arts ,Qena) .

- As lecturers (Dr. Hamdy Saad Sadek Al-Sheshtawy at Faculty of Science, Qena), (Dr. Rady Adly Kamel and Dr. Doaa Zohdy Abbas Al-Refai at Faculty of Education, Aswan), (Dr. Soliman Al-Sayed Soliman and Dr.Abu Al-Hassan Al-Shazly Ahmed at Faculty of Science, Aswan) and Dr. Essam Obayed Mubarak at Faculty of Energy Engineering, Aswan.