Scientific Conferences at Faculties of Medicine and Physical Therapy



Under the presidency of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University council approved:
-Holding the 2nd conference at Department of Tropical Medicine and Digestive System at Faculty of Medicine in Hurghada on August 9-12, 2017.
Holding the 1st conference at Faculty of Physical Therapy on February 9-10, 2018. -
-Postponing the 1st International Conference for Agricultural Development and Community Service in Hurghada for a year.
Activating Department of Geography at Faculty of Education in 2017/2018-
-Considering the mutual cooperation Protocol between Misr El Kheir Foundation and SVU in equipping the university dormitories with the necessary equipment to receive more students.
-Activating Department of Comparative Education and Educational Administration in postgraduate studies at Faculty of Education in Qena and Hurghada.
Determining dates of medical examination for prospective students in 2017/2018.-
-Appointing (Dr. Ashraf Ahmed at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Abu Bakr Abdel Moneam at Faculty of Agriculture and Dr. Ashraf Mahmoud Ahmed at Faculty of Education in Hurghada) as professors.
-Appointing (Dr. Saleh Ayaad Mohammed and Dr. Abu Bakr Omar at Faculty of Science and Dr. Mona Ahmed and Dr. Ghada Salah Mohammed at Faculty of Agriculture) as Assistant Professors.
-Appointing (Dr. Amr Ateya at Faculty of Science, Dr. Rawaa Ahmed at Faculty of Arts, Dr. Osama Rabea Mahmoud, and Dr. Wael Alshazly at Faculty of Science, Dr. Mohsen Adel Sayed, Dr. Meral Zakaria Ahmed, Dr. Salama Hamed Ali, Dr. Hanaa Ahmed, Dr. Shaimaa Sayed Mohammed, and Dr. Gehan Adel Mahmoud at Faculty of Archeology) as lecturers.
-Granting doctoral degree to 12 researchers at the different faculties.
-Granting Master's degree to 10 students at the different faculties.
- Granting Professional Diploma to 282 students at Faculty of Education, General Diploma to 43 students at Faculty of Physical Education, Graduate Diploma in Archaeology to 4 students and Graduate Diploma to 4 students at Faculty of Fine Arts.