2nd Bicycles Race at SVU





 Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University president opened 2nd Bicycles Race which organized by Faculty of Physical Education in cooperation with General Administration of Youth Care, with the participation of (40) students.
The race started from the university's gate to Faculty of Physical Education, where student / Mona Abdel bliss won the first rank , student / Amira Mahmoud , the second rank , student / Aya Ragab , the third rank , student / Tulane Eid , the fourth rank and student / Fatima Aweys, the fifth rank .
On the other hand, students / Makarios Botres won the first rank , student/ Mohammed Ahmed Ali , the second rank , student/ Mustafa Badawi, the third rank , student/ Ahmed Saeed, the fourth rank and student/ Mubarak Ramadan, the fifth rank .

The race was held in the presence of Prof. Dr. Hefni Ismail, Vice President for Student Affairs ,Prof. Dr. Mohammed Khalil Al Ammari , Vice President for Postgraduate Studies , Dr. Ahmed Kamal Nasara , Dean of Faculty of Physical Education and Dr. Ashraf Musa, vice Dean of the Faculty , Dr. Mahmoud Sayed Abd El-Sadek , coordinator of student activities and a group of academic staff and students.