Photo Gallery at Faculty of Mass Communication



Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president, Faculty of Mass Communication was organized photo gallery and digital with participation of photographers/ Basil Karam El Abnoudy and Mahmoud Hawary.
While Prof. Dr. Abd El Aziz El Sayed, the faculty dean confirmed that this gallery came within the media activities at the faculty in order to educate students the dimensions and angles of photography for communicating with the outside community , which hosted by professional photographers in this area, he also praised the continued support from the University President to the faculty , in order to graduate distinct individuals in Media field .
On the other hand, Dr. Hala Nofal , vice dean for Community service pointed that the gallery included a set of photos , as well as showing documentary movies , as Dr. Heba Abdel Moez , assistant professor at the Faculty confirmed that the gallery aimed to shed light on this art for encouraging talented students to develop their skills in the photography art , so as to hold a distinct galleries .
The gallery was opened by Dr. Jhan Whit, English lecturer at the faculty, academic staff and students at the faculty .