Poetry Symposium at SVU





Faculty of Education was held Poetry symposium which hosted by Mr. Fathy Abd El Samea, writer , Mr. Hamdy Hussien, the poet , Mr. Mubark Ahmed Mahmoud , Director of media and translation administration and Mr. Hussien Saeed , the poet under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour , the university president and Prof. Dr.Hefny Ismeal , vice president for student affairs.
As Dr. Rashad Abu El Maged thanked the university president for his attention and support for the student activities at the university , while Dr. Mohammed Abu El Naser , Head of education principles department pointed that Dr. Refaat Bahgat was held this symposium in order to activate the cultural activity to find the students' creations.
At the beginning of the symposium, Mr. Fathi Abdel Samie, the writer stressed on the importance of developing the students' talents and the acquisition of knowledge , besides explaining the importance of poetry and its functions and presented the poem (Scorpio dance) . In addition Dr. Mansour Abdellah presented several poems about martyrs of Palestine and Mr. Hamdi Hussein, the poet presented several slang poems .
On the other hand, Mr. Mubarak Ahmed Mahmoud declared that the university's keen to hold this symposium, in order to contribute to highlight the talents and creations of the students, after a lot of students have received many awards in poetry competitions.
At the conclusion of the symposium which was supervised by Mr. Hussien Ewada , director of youth care administration at the faculty, while Dr. Rashad Abu El Maged honored the guests and handed over appreciation certifications for students.