7th Environmental week at SVU




the events of 7th Environmental week will be held on Saturday , which is held under the auspices of Prof. Dr. El Sayed Abdul Khaliq, Minister of Higher Education, Prof. Dr. Khaled Fahmy, Minister of Environment, Gen. Abd El Hamid Haggan , Qena governor , and Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president in the period of March 14 -19, 2015 in Qena , Luxor and Hurghada , where the university president confirmed that the events of the environmental week include symposiums , blood donation campaigns , trips, workshops , visits to factories and natural reserves , productivity exhibitions , a charity market as well as the public service camps ,
Moreover Prof. Dr. Sayed Taha, Vice President for Community Service and supervisor on the environmental week stressed on the diversity of the events at Qena and Luxor and the Red Sea in include agricultural extension convoy, symposium on health education in collaboration with Preventive Medicine administration , symposium on deadly blood diseases at Faculty of Nursing, Symposium on Integrated Management of Environmental Resources at Faculty of Agriculture and a workshop on the role of youth in the preservation of the environment at Faculty of Fine Arts in Luxor, he also stressed on visits to aluminum factories in Naga Hammadi and sugar in Dishina village in addition to natural protected in Esna , while in the conclusion of the environmental week will be held marathon to students of the university.