Discussion of the Student Activities Plans



























The first meeting for the officials of Student Activities was held based on the instructions of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University President and Prof Dr. Hefni Ismail, Vice President for Student Affairs headed by Dr. Mahmoud Sayed Abd El Sadek , official of student activity t the university after issuing the decree of the university president to form a committee from academic staff at the university faculties, where the Committee finds the student leaders in different talents in order to be leaders of the university activities.
As Dr. Mahmoud Sayed Abd El Sadek, official of student activity declared that the reports of all faculties for student activities was discussed where were held in the first semester for presenting them in the officials meeting of student activities at the level of the universities with Minister of Higher Education, besides discussing the student activity plan at the faculties and the apical activities will be held during the second semester, he also stressed on following the activities and overcoming the obstacles in front of the students to practice the activities in the faculties.