Surgical removal for malignant tumor in Pancreas at the University Hospital

























A Surgical team headed by Dr. Mohammed Khalil El Amary , head of surgery department , Dr. Abdullah Taha , Dr. Mohammed Abd El Shafy, Dr. Hosam Taher, Dr. Ahmed Mokaled , and Dr. Mohammed Yahya as well as anesthesia team headed by Dr. Salah Aseda , Dr. Marwa Nasr, Dr. Mustafa Asherf and Dr. Amira Abd El Ghafar succeeded in surgical removal for malignant tumor in Pancreas for woman at age of (32) years old at the University Hospital for first time in the university hospitals, Qena.






















As Dr. Abdullah Taha, Director of Gastrointestinal hospital added that the patient is good and such this surgery conducting only in the university hospitals which equipped with high-efficiency, beside the university hospital is provided the services for people , he also thanked the medical team and for their efforts in succeeding the surgeries.