The university president inspects Faculty of Engineering




 Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university  president inspected   Faculty of Engineering to check on the educational process on the second day of the academic year and he participated the  faculty  students in celebrations of  the new academic year,  as well as advising   them to do the best  effort as well as  interaction with the activities at the faculty , while the faculty was  won many awards and ranks last year . Moreover, he thanked Prof.  Dr. Jamal Taj  Abd El Jaber , the faculty dean and the academic staff  on their effort with the students , stressing on necessary to  publish  the culture of student initiatives for  intellectual convergence and increasing  the human relationships and social,  beside  Prof. Dr. Jamal Taj Abd El Jaber, Dean of the faculty thanked  the students for their  winning all the competitions apical and local, through their active participation in all activities , he also  thanked to the university president for  his  great attention  to the faculty  and honoring the outstanding students.