Faculty of Law begins the academic year with a workshop on the Quality at SVU




Under the auspices of Prof.  Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president  a workshop on  "Applying the  national academic standards  at Faculties of law" in the presence of the Dean , academic staff  and their assistants , the team work of the Quality Assurance Center , Dr. Tarek Abu El Fadl, Faculty of Arts and a member of the team  for Quality Assurance Center, where Dr. Mahsoob Abd El Qader, Director of  Quality Assurance Center at the university  confirmed  that Faculty of Law one of faculties that  can apply the standards and has a program  therefore the academic staff apply the mechanisms of quality with high efficiency, moreover  Dr. Faraj Khodary , deputy  of director for  Quality Assurance Center added that the center holds  a lot of workshops and provides  the technical support  for all faculties according to  directives of the University President  for activating  the mechanisms of quality in all the faculties  at the university.