The Dean of Faculty of Tourism and Hotels is a chairman of the scientific arbitration committee in Russia




Prof. Dr. Saleh Abd El Muty, Dean of Faculty of Tourism and Hotels at South Valley University participated in the Scientific Conference as chairman of the arbitration committee and a member of Supreme Committee for this year within the events of "International Festival for Young Designers , Modern Techniques and its applications" in arts and fashion with the participation of (120) Universities , which was held in Rostov , Russia. On the other hand, Prof. Dr. Saleh Abd El Muty gave a lecture on "Contemporary Graphic Design and modern technological applications" at the opening of the scientific conference, where the competition this year's in all fields, particularly in design , fashion shows and all kinds of the fine arts, while the President of Russia University thanked Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour the President of South Valley University to the great cooperation between the two universities, looking forward to more cultural relations and scientific .