Opening Laboratory of Electronics and Nanometeric Devices at SVU





Gen. Abd El Hamid Hajan , Qena governor and Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University president opened the electronics laboratory and nanometric devices at SVU, where the Qena governor praised this Laboratory, which contributes in scientific research service in upper Egypt, and the university president expressed his happiness with this laboratory which serves researchers and will be a center of scientific research in the Egyptian universities.


Moreover Dr. Khalid bin Walid, supervisor of the laboratory electronics and nanometric devices pointed that it is consisted of Biotechnology Unit , manufacturing equipment unit , measurements unit and preparation of nanometric samples unit , while the laboratory cooperates with many Industrial Companies ,drinking water , sanitation and factory of solar cell industry in Sinai , beside the lab cooperates with many research institutions in France, Japan, Hungary, Canada and faculties of science , veterinary medicine, agriculture, engineering, medicine in the Egyptian universities