Misrelkheir Experts / Professional Database 



Misr El-Kheir (MEK) Foundation is one of the leading Non-Profit organizations that empowers and Serves people in different fields: Social Solidarity, Health, Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, Life Aspects aiming at fighting Poverty, Illness, Illiteracy, and Unemployment. One of the main objectives of the scientific Research and innovation Program is to fund world class scientific research with high societal impact and to complete the cycle of innovation. This can only be achieved through effective pooling of scientific professionals and experts in all fields to support us in evaluating, selecting, and monitoring our projects to achieve our goals. This database can also serve as a tool to promote our activities and to seek your assistance and help in other activities. We are interested in all fields of Science and Art all over the world.   We are proud to announce the launch of our professionals/ experts database and we would be grateful if you could take a moment and sign up to our database by providing requested information to create your    For inquires please send e-mail to