The university president visits the university delegation in Leadership Development Institute in Helwan



     Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, The university president visited the university delegation in Leadership Development Institute in Helwan for their winning the first ranks in many competitions, as during his meeting with the delegation he confirmed on benefiting from experiences in the institute and his importance in teaching students the leadership in order to be able to face the difficulties, as well as listening  to their views  and having a lunch with them in the institute  , he also visited the delegations of the universities of Banha, Fayoum, Aswan, Sohag, Assiut, Minya and  Sadat and praised the efforts  of the universities     students , , while the second  delegation was obtained the first rank (3) cups and (6) ranks , where student / Islam Al Toqy obtained the first rank in ideal student competition at the level of the camp, student / Saber El Qelay obtained first  rank in short story competition, student / Ahmed Osama, Al, Nour, Marwa Mohamed  obtained first  rank in scientific research, students/  Islam Al Toqy , Saber El Qelay, Kreem El Badrey , Aya Ahmed and Marwa , thirds rank in scientific research , student/  Aya Ahmed , third rank in ideal student competition and  student/   Mohamed Mahmoud Ahmed  obtained excellence certificate in art competition , beside Dr. Mahmoud Sayed Abd El Sadek  won Cup of Excellence as the best pioneer of participating delegations  .