South Valley University wins the third rank at the level of the Egyptian Universities in e- learning



 Dr. Mohammed Omran, the executive director of the Information center declared that the university won the third rank at the level of the Egyptian universities in the average rate of using the  electronic courses through the corresponding  ranks in e-learning  center at the  University , as he  thanked Dr. Ahmed Abbas Halwy ,  director of  center and the teamwork  for their efforts which resulted  in win  this rank   among  the Egyptian universities       On the other hand, Prof.  Dr. Abbas Mansour  expressed his happiness with the  winning of the e-learning center with the  third rank  at the level of the Egyptian universities, stressing that the university wins  the advanced ranks  in various activities and scientific fields, as he thanked the  Dr. Ahmed Abbas Halwy ,  the center's  director and his team  adding  that South Valley University was obtained  many of the advanced ranks  this year in  student activities and scientific and research due to the student efforts, and stressed that the university will be  held a great ceremony  for honoring all the winners in apical competitions  and local  at the university level