Conducting two Non-Surgical for Spine treatments at the University Hospital



 Two Non-Surgical for Spine treatments were conducted at the University Hospital  by  using a frequency waves and continuous thermal scan ,where  Dr. Osama Hamdy Salman, Anesthesiology Department and his assistant  Dr. Ahmed Mukhtar were conducted the surgeries and  stressed that the first case was suffered from pains in the neck with a migraine in the head for five years, where was cauterized the nerve of cervical spine by the frequency waves heat, which is new technique  only in the university hospital at the level of upper Egypt, while the surgery was taken about an hour, It also conducted another surgery for a lady from Qena Governorate of the same pain, in addition to he thanked Prof.  Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president to his efforts through the protocol between the University and the Association of German doctors Egyptians. Moreover, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president expressed his happiness with conducting these surgeries in Upper Egypt especially in the university hospitals, as well as thanking the medical team to the medical efforts  in conducting these surgeries .