Project of Equal opportunities for females in Higher Education in collaboration with the Free University of Berlin, Germany visits branch of South Valley University in Hurghada



 In the framework of cooperation between South Valley University and Free University of Berlin in the project of equal opportunities for female  in higher education and under the auspices of Prof.  Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president a workshop was held at the Faculty of Education in Hurghada in the presence of Prof. Dr. Jehan Rajab, the project coordinator at the University, Dr. Barbra Sando , the project coordinator at Free University of Berlin ,Prof.  Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim, Dean of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Prof.  Dr. Mahfouz Abd El Sattar, Dean of Faculty of Education in Hurghada, academic staff, their assistants and students , where  the project coordinator at the University presented  the project's activities since its beginning  to now,  and the benefit  of academic staff  , their assistants and students from this  project, both of scholarships or training courses that provided by  the German Academic Exchange Service  ,as solving some of the problems of the students or academic staff  and assistants ,beside  talking  about how to get scholarships for academic staff  , their assistants or students,  then Prof.  Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim completed the activities.