The university President during his opening of the emergency department today:

The International cooperation, Qena governors and Misr Al-Khair contributed in opening of the emergency department



    Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University president during his opening of the emergency department in new hospital confirmed that the emergency unit operates with high efficiency and providing a medical service to the people, as he pointed out that the reception was received ( 25) cases,  while the university president thanked the Ministry of International Cooperation, which was contributed in the completion of the Medical Renaissance in Upper Egypt, especially the hospital of Faculty of Medical ,and he  thanked Dr. Ali Gomaa, to his assistant in  the hospital through providing  (100) nurses and paying  their salaries through Misr Al-Khair association.  He also thanked for Gen. Adel Labib  , Gen. Magdy Ayoub and Gen. Abd Al-Hamid Hagan , Qena Governors  for their attention and facilitating a lot of procedures  that helped in the opening of department ,beside thanking  Eng. Hussein Sabour in Sabour company who contributed by providing the equipments of the outpatients  with more than million pounds, stressing on the importance of the university in providing medical services ,advisory and scientific in the region.