The university president declares:

- Opening of the Emergency Department at the University Hospital on April 20
- Providing the amenities for Students during Exams





Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University president declared on the cooperation protocol with the Ministry of Health in all health and therapeutic services for community service in Upper Egypt, where it was trained the doctors on using the modern devices, confirming that the emergency department will be opened on April 20, 2014 in coordination with the Health Directorate, Qena for receiving the emergency cases throughout the week at the university Hospitals of South Valley, as the university president pointed that the exams at South Valley University will be on May 3, 2014 for five weeks and gave instructions to all deans for providing all the amenities for students during exams in the presence of academic staff at the faculties during the exams, stressing on the presence of medical committees during the exams as well as providing the ambulances to transport critical cases.
While he stressed on the university's keenness to participate in the Coordination Conference of Excellence Project in Teaching Nanoscience which was held in Jordan and attended by a delegation from the university, headed by the University President in participation of three Egyptian universities included Cairo, Fayoum and South Valley in addition to many of European universities included France, Sweden and Germany, pointing that will be established Nanotechnology Center and its applications in science and engineering in order to apply the modern scientific applications in this field for creating Master's degree .
On the other hand, the university president emphasized on spending a minimum for the university employees as a result of efforts from the Supreme Council of Universities , Minister of Higher Education and Ministry of Finance in order to improve their financial condition, as he declared that the university for the first time made "a March in love Sinai " to participate in Sinai Celebrations with participation of students , after that holding Art Festival and sports by participating the scouts and public service, beside the university's participation in celebrations of Sinai liberation in Suez Canal University on April 24, 2014.