Training program on "How to apply the tax on Salaries"





    Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president was held training program on applying the tax on Salaries in collaboration with the tax directorate in Qena, where the university president confirmed that this program comes in the framework of modernization of the administrative system and training on "how to apply the tax procedures, whether the tax base or tax breaks on the salaries at the university, While Mr. Abd El Rahim Abd El Wahab , General Director of Organization and Administration pointed that this program was implemented by approval of the university president and included employees in Central Administration of Employees Affairs , the university faculties , the university hospital and Faculties of Tourism and Hotels as well as Fine Arts in Luxor , as Mrs. Iman Faris, Director of the Administration Training added that the program included (40) trainees from employees in the employee affairs units at the university for four days by Dr. Al-Tahir Ahmad Hafny , Director of examination affairs and Abu Zeid Khalifa Ahmed, Auditor in directorate of taxes ,Qena