For the first time in Egyptian universities:

Lighting the President Office of South Valley University with Solar Energy soon



Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president confirmed that will apply a lot of  solar energy applications at  the university through applying  the training of  Dr. Mahmoud Sayed Abd El Sadek and members of the team in England , Germany and Greece through  installing  a system of electric power generation separate from the network, in order to support the central building with the clean electric power. As the university president added that will be established Nanotechnology Center and its applications at the University for using the modern scientific applications as establishing the infrastructure for the center at the highest level While Dr. Mahmoud Sayed Abd El Sadek, project coordinator at the University declared that is purchasing the devices in order to start the installation system for generating the electrical energy from solar energy for supporting the central building by members of the project team who trained in the training trips in Europe .