The University President honors students of Faculty of Nurse 



  Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University president the role of nursing in all countries ,where the state give a great attention  to nursing through the expansion of establishing  and faculties and the institutes , adding  that South Valley University was achieved many successes in the establishment  of Faculty and high school in order help the province in plug , as he thanked "Htamr Bena" Family at Faculty of Nursing for their initiative in helping the students of the  university dormitories  medically , beside working at the hospital student b, he also praised the family activities during the academic year and their participation in the university's activities included  issued medical magazine, as well as thanking  Dr. Nadia Abdullah , the Faculty Dean and Dr. Islam Ibrahim, the family pioneer during the honoring of members of "Htamr Bena" family at Faculty of Nursing as following:

Mahmoud Ahmed Mohamed Ali

Mercy Atef Mohamed Abdel Moneim

Hanim Al-Amir  Mohammed

Names Hashim Noor

Shaimaa Mohamed Ahmed

Samar Mohammed Hussein

Mona Mohammed Jibril