In the presence of the University President:

Conclusion of the Coordination Conference for Excellence Project in teaching of Nanoscience in Jordan



  The events of Coordination Conference of Excellence Project for Teaching Nanoscience in Jordan were concluded after the participation of a delegation from South Valley University headed by Prof.  Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president where the events were begun on Thursday,  April 10, 2014 through visiting the University of Science and Technology in Jordan and the meeting with Dr. Adam Hany, Assistant of the university president , as it was presented a brief about the university and its faculties as well as the scientific research , then it was visited the center of Nano techniques at the university for inspecting the available devices in the center in order to the preparation for the establishment of Nanotechnology center and its applications at South Valley University in participation of a delegation from Fayoum University headed by Prof.  Dr. Ahmed Jaber, Vice president of Fayoum University, in addition to Prof.  Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University president confirmed that will be providing support for establishing Nanotechnology Center and its applications at the university as well as establishing the infrastructure for the center at the highest level    While Dr. Mahmoud Sayed Abd Al-Sadek , the project coordinator at the University added  that was discussed  the types  of Master in Nanotechnology , where it divides  into two types: Master of Nanotechnology Engineering , and in Nanoscience includes all science disciplines and engineering, as well as  discussion  Master courses and The devices that will be purchased for the Scientific Part of  master's degree beside the practical part in the  European universities ,   On the other hand, Dr. Ahmed Saad, the project Manager  in Arab Academy for technology declared  that will be preparing for the admission of students for master's degree after the approval of committees of   scientific Sectors in  Higher Education Ministry, as well as setting up admission requirements  for students and disciplines.