Symposium on Diabetes for students at University Dormitories



The  medical administration at the university was held symposium  of health awareness  weekly in cooperation with the administration of the University Dormitories, where this week  it was held  symposium on Diabetes  and  its causes , symptoms  and the prevention for students in Sidi Abdel Rahim in the presence of   Dr. Seham  Faisal Abbas, Specialist of Internal Medicine at the student  Hospital ,  on the other hand, Dr. Yasser Maghraby  Director of the medical  administration  listened to  the complaints of the students for the  level of service in Sidi Abdel Rahim Medical Center ,  as some students of  " Htamr Bena" family at  Faculty  of Nursing volunteered  to provide the  first aid to their  colleagues in the same building.





On the other hand,  Dr Mohammed Saeed, Vice- Dean of Faculty of Specific Education for Community Service added that  the celebration also was  included a concert of Music Education Department, where the students of the Faculty  presented  many  songs  with  participation of  ( 130) orphaned children , the academic staff  , their assistants ,  employees  and students .