Symposium on "The Study Opportunities and Grants in Japan" at SVU



  South Valley University organized under the auspices of Prof.  Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president in cooperation with Okayama University Alumni Association of Japan in Cairo a Symposium on "The Study Opportunities in Japan and grants available in the presence of Japanese Cultural Counselor in Cairo   Where Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Khodary,  Vice President for postgraduate confirmed that  enhancing  the opportunities for cooperation with various scientific authorities  and research  is one of the most important roles in  postgraduate sector at the university , adding  that there are many graduates of South Valley University who have obtained  scholarships in Japan, as  we seek to increase the available grants in order  to take advantage of the Japanese experience in various fields  of scientific research While  Cultural Counselor of Japan  in Cairo stressed  that the Egyptian-Japanese relations are distinct  long time ago, where was signed the first agreement in the cultural affairs between the two countries in 1957 , and recently it was  opened the Japanese university in Cairo, where  the Government of Japan provides all aspects of support for this university , beside  the Japanese cultural Counselor offered a  presentation of scholarships by the Government of Japan through the Japanese Embassy, which include scholarships for students, graduates and who obtained  Master and doctoral degrees.    Moreover, Prof. Dr. Jamal Taj Abd Al-Jaber,  Dean of Faculty of Engineering and president  of Okayama University Alumni Association in Cairo talked about the establishment of this association, which   aims to hold  many of symposiums  in the  Egyptian universities for  identifying the study opportunities at Okayama University as well as  increasing  the number of Egyptian students , where (33) Egyptian students  were studied  in this university , pointing to programs of  student exchange between Okayama University and Egyptian universities. The symposium was attended by Prof. Dr. Sayed Taha , Vice President for community services , group of academic staff at the university , and students of various faculties where there was an open dialogue between the Cultural Counselor of Japan and attendances about  the Study Opportunities in Japan.